猫スクラッチ冒険 (Neko sukuratchi bōken) is a Japanese dub of Catscratch Adventures, instead of using the footage from the US version, and rerecording the voices for Japanese audiences, all new animation was created, plus the Japan version started of with a reanimated & re-dubed version of episode 37, instead of the Cats, & the Loud siblings getting equal screentime, The Japanese version, gives Lincoln & his sisters more screentime, which angered fans. the show was cancelled on June 21st 2016, being replaced by an localized version of the US version of the show, making it the shortest lived show on TV TOKYO, starting on June 1st 2016, ending 16 days later, the show was criticized, for ruining the show in japan, while in the US, the series's toys, books, & DVDs are selling insanely well, Meanwhile, the show was picking up fans in Japan, leading to hype, but when fans saw the dub, they were shocked, the show was so bad, that Toei shut down, leading to companies buying its iconic shows, like "Super Sentai" and One Piece.