Animaltown is the first segment of the 31st episode of Catscratch Adventures, it premiered on March 26th 2016.


After Working on his garden, Gordon accidentally leaves a bottle of "AniINTELAGNX Intelligence Enhancer" right near a rabbit, soon all the bugs and animals in the backyard create a society, wanting the manor, the newly-mutated animals plan to overthrow the adventure team.


The episode begins with Gordon working on the garden, he reaches for "Fertilizer in a Can", but he mistakenly picks up a bottle of "AniINTELAGNX Intelligence Enhancer", not knowing he sprayed it on a near-by rabbit. later, the rabbit gets up on its hind legs as a result of the spray, Intrigued, the rabbit sprays the bottle of "AniINTELAGNX Intelligence Enhancer", enhancing the intelligence of every animal, insect & bug in the yard. The next day, Gordon wakes up to find that his backyard was transformed into a society of animals, thinking that Blik built the big city in the backyard of his Scottish brother, Gordon tells everyone about the incident, Blik told him that he sprayed the bottle of "AniINTELAGNX Intelligence Enhancer" instead of the Fertalizer In A Can. Shocked, Gordon asks Waffle for help on a "AntiAniINTELAGNX Intelligence Dehancer". Meanwhile, the animals overheard about the anti spray, angered, Commander Bunny sets up a plan to overthrone the team. Soon, Gordon comes out with the spray, the animals trap the cats, luckily, Gordon sprays the spray, causing the animals to revert. Relieved, Gordon is thankful they did not lose the mansion. Waffle then sprays "HARMX: VENOM, STINGER & BUG MAXIMIZER". Gordon & Blik run for terror, as the bugs begin mutating.