Catscratch Adventures: Trouble on Blobanuana is a 2016 Platform/Run & Gun/Sidescrolling Nintendo 3DS video game, it was releaed on November 15th, 2016.


The cats, find a letter, stating that the queen of Planet Quatra, has kidnapped Blik to make her unlicensed Nintendo 3DS games, Fearing that their brother and friend will be forced to live a life pirating video games, Gordon, Waffle & the adventure team set off on a rescue mission to save Blik.


The Game plays like a 16-bit sidescroller, The game uses a different control layout, depending on the 3DS model, (3DS, New 3DS). The player starts off with 13 playable characters, unlocking Blik, when then player completes the game.


Similar to Sonic 2 before it, the game had a mega million dollar marketing campaign.

As the press release sums it up, "No trucks, no boats: everything will be delivered by plane exactly one day before. ... we're going to have the world's first real global launch since 1992, and in the process we're going to break every single sales record."

The game was promoted through worldwide sporting events, movie pre-shows, toy and merchandise packaging, and more.

The game was a mega-blockbuster, selling 100 billion copies, thanks to the cross-platform, cross-region launch.