his is how Robin gets kidnapped in Catscratch Adventures of LEGO Dimensions.

Bane is chasing Batman and Robin, and he drops all the Kryptonite, and Robin gets the Kryptonite.

Robin: Hey, No littering! Why does Bane wants with all the Kryptonite, Batman?

Batman: What does everyone wants with Kryptonite, to take down Superman. But not today. Cut him off at the Bridge, we have him Cornered.

Robin: Okay, Batman!

He is gonna get him, but he began to Float.

Robin: Whoa!

Bane: Oh, and we were having such a nice chase.

Batman: Robin?

The wall of the building opens up and Robin gets sucked to the portal along with the Kryptonite. Batman is driving his Batmobile to the Portal.