The Pink PuffBall Terror is a Episode of Catscratch Adventures. In this episode Waffle befriends Kirby without realizing he has Copy Ability powers.


Waffle Is walking on the beach of Adventure Island when he sees a pink puffball stranded, he rescues it and names him Kirby, He shows it to the team and they start screaming.

Gordon then informs him that the puffball is Kirby, A Nintendo character that has the Power to suck ANYONE into his mouth and gets all their characteristics. Waffle then proceeds to give Kirby a doghouse. That night Kirby Inhales the gate, thus releasing him. The next morning Waffle notices that Kirby has gone missing. the team uses the Adventure Jet to find him. Then they find out his home is the planet Pop Star. They give him his Warp Star to fly back home. Once the chaos is over, Waffle shows a koopa he found with Kirby and names him Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr spits a fireball at Mr. Blik. Mr. Blik's screams of pain can be heard over the The End card.


Mr. Blik, Gordon, Katilda, Kraken, Ash, Pikachu, Kenzie, Babe, Spongebob, Hudson, Peter Pan, Sokka, Banjo, Kazooie, Zim, Kirby, Bowser Jr.