Arriving at meme con

Gordon: Great gopher! MemeCon Is today!

Ice Bear: Ice bear wants to meet Grumpy Cat.

Waffle: A another Cat!

Mr.Blik: If i see one of those cats that speak incorrectly & stuff themselves into a cheeseburger for no reason, I will unleash Megazord.

Memecon/Grumpy's Motives

Ice Bear: Ice Bear sees grumpy cat.

Grumpy: Yeah, yeah here's your Autograph.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear is Happy.

Grumpy: Now time to bring down the adventure team.

Ice Bear: Ice Bear overheard Grumpy.


Waffle: In, Out, Innnnnnnnnnnnnn-OUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!

Lolcat: Fwee CheezBuger.

Mr.Blik: grrrr.

Gordon: Panda, You gotta come here. There's a secret door in Grumpy Cat's Booth!

Panda: Yeah right,

[flash of light]

G-g-great gopher.

Grumpy; You've been saving the world, Now it's time to end your Adventures!

Gordon: [speaking to himself] Now Gordie, Your idol is a Evil monster, [gasp] AHH!

Mr.Blik: Got every cheeseburger, so no memes wil-oh.

Waffle: a Alien disguised as a internet celebrity, Yay!

Mr.blik I have an idea! all we need to do is (Whispers)

Gordon: Aye, i have all things happy!

Grumpy: NO, NO NO, I'M MELTING! NO-(melting)

Gordon: What a convention! my idol was a evil extraterrestrial, & we stopped her!

Lolcat: Fwee CheezBwger?

Mr.Blik: Get the megazord.

(Cuts to Black)