Here are the songs that open every show of the series.

Theme #1

Picking up speed at the time of sound,

Let's roll, let's fight and fulfill our destinies till the battle's won,

We've got all down,

Let's get in gear now,



You and I are the best team we could ever have,

On our way to the Hall of Fame,

We will win again no matter what,

We've got it goin' on now,

(Adventures!, Adventures!) (X3)





Theme #2

A new team is on the way now,

Going head-to-head with the evilest in the land,

We've got it on now!

The fall of the evil side is coming fast,

We will stick together through and through!

(Tough times; Hard climbs!)

We'll face it all together!

But just know, that you & I,

Will make the hall somehow!

Game on,

Game on,

Let's do this together!


Game on,

Game on,

Come on 'n getcha game on!